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Cultural Shock/Overcoming Oppression

  /  Cultural Shock/Overcoming Oppression


In this section, you will learn how we can overcome barriers and oppressions thanks to the Theatre of the Oppressed, what the cultural shock methodology is, how to use it and what are the benefits that this method allows to draw from situations that seem difficult to manage.
Lesson 1 Cultural Shock Methodology
Lesson 2 Augusto Boal and the Theatre of Oppressed
Check what you have learned! Read the questions, try to answer yourself and then verify your answers by clicking on them. Good luck!

Where theatre forum comes from ?

It comes from Brazil.

Why was it invented, what was its main objective?

Its main objective was to help people who was mistreated or discriminated by the society, giving tools of emancipation.

What is forum theater main characteristic?

Its main characteristic is that it is made by the people and for the people, allowing to act on its own reality, by an “active becoming” process (the “spect-actor”).

What are the 3 key elements to help us to not generalizing and use cultural differences as an enrichment?

The three elements are the decentration, the understanding of the other’s reference frame, and the negotiations.

Name at least 2 sensitive areas in the field of social work?

The sensitive areas are :
the working style; the way of life; the conceptions and uses of space and time; the way of thinking; the learning style; the conceptions of the world; the inter-group relations; the different demographic and religious composition of the societies; the rules of social organization.

Could you remember at least one recommendation that prevents you from judging a person quickly?

Adopt the wide anthropological understanding of “culture” to embrace a great variety of facets of human action, thinking and identification.
Be aware that no culture is homogeneous and static, that they are in permanent change.
Acknowledge that each person bears a plurality of cultures and that each individual acquires and integrates these cultures through their own particular life path.
Remember that culture is not the only factor determining our behaviour: it is only one factor that interacts with situational factors and personality.