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Community and Community Education

  /  Community and Community Education


In this section, you will learn about the community approach we propose, what a community educator is, and you will analyze its different dimensions through a model of competences that we suggest. You will see why it is important Community Education Facilitators to follow a personal educational plan.
Lesson 1 Community and Community Education
Lesson 2 Profile of a Community Education Facilitator
Lesson 3 Personal Educational Plan of Community Educators
Check what you have learned! Read the questions, try to answer yourself and then verify your answers by clicking on them. Good luck!

Could you give at least 2 elements that build a community, or bind people together?

A way of thinking of several people; common interests; ethnic origin; language.

How could we better understand communities? Give at least 3 ways to improve the cohabitation of diversity.

It’s essential to highlight the different communities thanks to an intervention process that triggers and promotes community participation and self-organization, like participation, empowerment, or organization of self-learning process.

Name the 3 qualities of the model of competence the Community Education must have?

The Model of competences is made up of skills, attitude and knowledge.

Why do we think it is important to have these required skills?

These requirements are essential to establish a healthy relation with the intercultural group, in different European work environment.

How the Community Education Facilitator could face the different cultural shocks?

They could face them in a creative and innovative way, transforming them in a learning experience.

What role has formal education, non-formal and informal education?

It increase our competences,  skills in different situations, in both fields of life, improving our personal and professional profile.

What should we do every day to improve professionally?

It is important to update and continue learning different topics, situations and ways of working. We must keep up with the evolution of resources and tools, such as technology and recent theories of learning. Always taking into account social, political and cultural changes.